Montréal, QC [YUL]

Facade AlléeEdit1

Opening the front door made me realize the last (fingers crossed) snowstorm had quickly melted away, but the grey sky lingered.

I need a walk before my night shift calls me back to within those walls, so I head over to the Main, and walk down to Prince-Arthur, and walk back and duck in at Vieille Europe, the long-standing, charming little foreign product specialty heaven.

To the right of the entrance, I grab a can of maracujá Sumol, my favourite passion fruit soda from Portugal that doesn’t quite taste like anything else. You can also try it in pineapple and orange. A baguette and some brie are found to the left, and you’re in business. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for the Guinness cheese. You can choose from dozen of meat cuts at the busy counter and browse through dozen more cheeses from almost every European and non-European country. As you reach the end of the first aisle, you won’t escape being tempted by the perfectly marinated fresh olives.


Turn the corner and you can splurge on caviar and all walks of olive oil and balsamic, but keep a couple of pennies for the sweet stuff – stroopwaffels from the Netherlands, câlissons, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. And Jam. And even champagne jelly.

And don’t forget to choose a form of caffeine – there are countless teas tucked away in the back corner, grab a double cappuccino at the espresso counter and leave with a freshly ground half-kilo of a dark or light roast coffee from basically anywhere in the world – those 500 g will change your mornings forever. Obrigada!

Vieille Europe

3855 St-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W 1X9
(514) 842-5773

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