Lençois, Brazil [SSA]

Its official, we’ll be back in Brazil in March! So hyped!  To keep you hooked here’s a #tbt #brazilseries from the state of Bahia.

After an 8 hour bus ride we finally arrived in this cute gem of a town somewhere in the middle of Bahia.  Lençois is a cobble-stoned little cozy place most people pass through on their way to the Chapada Diamantina for some serious trekking.  Book a night or two after your trek, there’s definitely enough to inspire you.

Ar-Bl (977) Ar-Bl (1024)

We had stumbled upon this outdoor adventure in our relentless quest to fit just enough – beach – party – hiking –  into our one-month trip.  We booked a 3 night/4 day excursion through Pousada dos Duendes, a yoga retreat inspired spot on the outskirts of town run by a knowledgeable expat.  They offered breakfast that included pineapple, coffee and smaller backpacks just for the trip!

Ar-Bl (495)

Chapada Diamantina is 4 days and over +/- 60 km (that’s what the sign says!) of steep hikes on rocky paths and beautiful valley descents where you cross beautiful flowers, horses, and breathtaking views.

Ar-Bl (557)

Ar-Bl (561)

Our first night was spent sleeping in a cave.  A must.

The next two nights were spent in a small cement house in a valley from which we did day trips to utterly spectacular spots.  Take in plenty of falls, whether you are above them or in them.

Ar-Bl (659)Ar-Bl (584)Ar-Bl (614) Ar-Bl (700)

Food throughout the hike was included.  Our rasta-like guide made some serious oatmeal.

A tranquil last day brings you back to Lençois, where you have to run straight to Açai na tigela, the best Açai place in the whole state and possibly the whole country.

Ar-Bl (991)

Hit up the town centre for some caipirinhas and capoeira.  If you have adventurous taste buds, try to try nearly 50 different kinds of cachaça at Fazendinha & Tal.  Escada-do-macaco baby.

Pousada dos Duendes, Rua do Pires s/nº, Lençóis

Fazendinha & Tal, Rua das Pedras, 125, Lençois

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