Salvador, Brazil [SSA]

#tbt #brazilseries

Ar-Bl (433)


If you happen to stopover here on your way to another bahian beauty it’s worth the exploring – with a disposable camera, after semi-panicked warnings from locals we met throughout the state. In retrospect, it gives our pictures a funky little glow.

We didn’t feel it was worth the 3 day stay the guidebooks suggested. And I wouldn’t wander around after dark.


Pelourinho is authentic despite the tourists. Cobble-stone roads lead you up and around the neighbourhood and back and forth in between artisan shops and rustic azulejo covered churches. We ducked into Ramma Cozinha Natural for some veggie delights.


Head to Barra for a sunset on the beach you won’t forget. You must grab some moqueca or feijoada along Avenida Oceanica before you leave.  Either dish will leave you stuffed & speechless.

Ramma Cozinha Natural, Largo do Cruzeiro de Sao Francisco, 07, Pelourinho

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