Chiang Mai, Thailand [CNX]


Chiang Mai welcomed us with open arms. It was nice to get out of busy Bangkok, although traffic jams can be just as chaotic as in the capital.


It’s a northern epicenter with loads to see and just the right mix of a chill, rural, easy going and fun loving crowd.

Our stay at Sathu Boutique Hotel was flawless so far, even if the rooms are more claustrophobic than in the online photos.

There are loads of activities to choose from in and around the city. Start with visits to the city’s main temples, Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chiang Man.  Take a day trip to Doi Suthep and enjoy the waterfalls on the way down.


And there are dozens of options if you want to see the countryside, meet the local hill tribes and mingle with the elephants.

I absolutely loved the 30 km bicycle tour organized by Chiang Mai Bicycle, owned by a Dutch ex-pat. Wander through rice fields and small villages with that unbeatable wind-in-your-feeling.


Once you’re back in town, have a drink or two in the Old town. We loved Cocktail Car.



Sathu Boutique Hotel, 31 Soi Prapokklao Rajpakinai Rd. T.Prasingha, Muang District

Chiang Mai Bicycle,

Cocktail Car, 22 Chaiyapooum Road, Tambol Changmoi, Amphur Muang

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