Iguaçu, Brazil [IGU]

Ever closer to being back in Brazil – here’s another #throwbacktrip in the meantime #tbt

Ar-Bl (362)

On our way from Buenos to Brazil, we decided this was a nature must we needed to witness. Call it a world wonder, a natural beauty, or a gimmicky tourist attraction, Iguaçu is definitely a pretty place, with a couple of things to do once you’ve gotten over the water-pouring-into-the-abyss stuff.

3 countries and hundreds of waterfalls in all. Fun fact.

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There are two sides to explore, one Argentinian, one Brazilian.

I liked the Brazilian side better – because you basically walk into the falls on a neatly constructed walkway. One of my intelligent friends had brought us some yellow rain covers. An essential.

Ar-Bl (307)

We repelled into the falls, which was amazing. Unless you are scared of heights.

Ar-Bl (383)

The Argentinian side of the falls takes more times and has a more national park touristy feel to it. More tourists too. You don’t get as close to the falls as the day before, but view of Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat) are a must.

Ar-Bl (316)

Grab a Quilmes when it’s all done.

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