São Paulo, Brazil [GRU]


SP is big and full of cement high-rises.  Our 24-hour stay only convinced us that there is loads more to discover underneath this intimidating façade.

We had great sushi with Paulista friends as we stepped off the plane at Mori Sushi, where you can order all-you-can-eat-and-keep-eating-and-not-want-to-stop-its-so-good sushi.


Our walk around Jardins led us onto Rua Oscar Freire, where there were all kinds of shoes, bags, and clothing shops to be browsed and bought-up.

It was the first night of Carnaval 2014 and mayhem was on the menu.  Despite the downpour, we managed to find a bloco, dance our hearts out and learn the song of the hour, “Lepo Lepo”.


Mori SushiRua da Consolação, 3610 – Jardim Paulista

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