London, England [LHR]


I’d been to London 9 years ago on a stopover as a rather broke individual. The Thames had proved an easy route to follow when I couldn’t afford a map. It had been lovely.


In town for work this time, my carry-on filled with blazers, I hopped out of Heathrow rather smoothly (perhaps avoiding this supposed nightmare of an airport).


If you plan to stay long, investing in an Oyster card right off the plane is highly worthwhile.
Along the Piccadilly line, I inched closer and closer to names I vaguely recognized.


Jet lag hit me a little hard the first day and things were settled quickly after a work meeting & cappuccino near Holborn.


But by the next morning, I was on my way to Couvent Garden, Central London’s busy spot. Pictures of all the classics were taken and after a failed, overcrowded Changing-of-the-guard viewing, I shopped for shoes to confront the ever changing, fickle cloud patterns.

Trafalgar Square & pub grub were seen and had by sundown, followed by an excellent late dinner at Thai Square. You must have the sensational Panang curry.


I had a crush on London already.

Thai Square, 19 Exhibition Rd, London 

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