London, England [LGW]

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So this time around I headed for the south bank on the only truly sunny day of our stay. After a reacquaintance with Big Ben, we crossed the Thames on Westminster bridge and started our stroll which took us under the London Eye, past OXO, where the teacups for sale are too cute, to Millenium bridge with the imposing view of St-Paul’s Cathedral offered at its end.


We double crossed the river to find ourselves at Shakespeare’s Globe – where tickets were sold out for the week, so book ahead! Don’t miss the shop if you’re into bloody spots and love quotes from balcony monologues.


After the slight disappointment, we headed to Bourough Market. This place is a wonderful, epic collection of all things a market should be – mouvement, fresh crisp produce and great easy street bites. I washed my paella down with a prosecco spritzer.


It was now tea time – to which you can apparently add Pommery to celebrate a special day. Don’t miss it.


Bourough Market, 8 Southwark St

The Delaney, 55 Aldwych, London

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