Charlevoix, QC [YQB]

If calm views of the water, heartwarming sunrises and sets and the possibility of green or white slops are your thing, then you’ll love Charlevoix, one of Quebec’s most pittoresque little pockets.  The perfect spot to spend a long weekend.    In the summer, you can camp out in the back country or rent une […]

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Happy Holidays! [YQB]

Merry holidays to our followers! We’ve been pretty busy with work and holiday prep in the last 2 months, but don’t worry, we have a few tickets in hand for 2015! May the New Year bring you joy, health and many travels! The Closest Airport Team, Christine and Laurie xx

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Vancouver, BC [YVR]

After a long hiatus, we’re back and out west. It’s my first time in Van, Canada’s west coast gem.  A city with some soul, great greenspace and snazzy little nooks. The one day it didn’t rain, I decided to lead a pack of people to Spokes, where we rented some city bikes and rode the […]

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Chicago, Illinois [ORD]

So we are officially switching continents for the next little while, and getting to know places closer to home, for now. Chicago is THE travel discovery of 2014 for me. I booked this trip on a whim because I had enough points to escape for the weekend and play third wheel to one of my […]

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São Paulo, Brazil [GRU]

SP is big and full of cement high-rises.  Our 24-hour stay only convinced us that there is loads more to discover underneath this intimidating façade. We had great sushi with Paulista friends as we stepped off the plane at Mori Sushi, where you can order all-you-can-eat-and-keep-eating-and-not-want-to-stop-its-so-good sushi. Our walk around Jardins led us onto Rua Oscar Freire, […]

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Ilha Grande, Brasil [GIG]

Ilha is a sort of hippy beach paradise where the humid air makes everything feels remote and mysterious. It feels undiscovered, like in a can’t-seem-to-locate-the-place-on-google-maps way. You can try that in a seperate tab if you like. Lagoa azul is a peaceful lagoon worth the visit where you can float around in the heat. Hike […]

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Iguaçu, Brazil [IGU]

Ever closer to being back in Brazil – here’s another #throwbacktrip in the meantime #tbt On our way from Buenos to Brazil, we decided this was a nature must we needed to witness. Call it a world wonder, a natural beauty, or a gimmicky tourist attraction, Iguaçu is definitely a pretty place, with a couple […]

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