London, England [LGW]

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So this time around I headed for the south bank on the only truly sunny day of our stay. After a reacquaintance with Big Ben, we crossed the Thames on Westminster bridge and started our stroll which took us under the London Eye, past OXO, where the teacups for sale are […]

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London, England [LHR]

I’d been to London 9 years ago on a stopover as a rather broke individual. The Thames had proved an easy route to follow when I couldn’t afford a map. It had been lovely. In town for work this time, my carry-on filled with blazers, I hopped out of Heathrow rather smoothly (perhaps avoiding this […]

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Ste-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QC [YUL]

We opted for a post-champagne-in-the-city New Years’ Day escape for some R&R before heading back to work. This charming little town about an hour outside Montréal was easy to navigate, minus the slippery snow covered hill that required the extra push courtesy of my passengers. Lac Léon, frozen over, offered up alarm replacing sunrises and […]

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Montréal, QC [YUL]

Opening the front door made me realize the last (fingers crossed) snowstorm had quickly melted away, but the grey sky lingered. I need a walk before my night shift calls me back to within those walls, so I head over to the Main, and walk down to Prince-Arthur, and walk back and duck in at […]

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