Toronto, ON [YTZ]

Markets are to be discovered in this grid of a town. We took a walk along College Street just west of Yonge in search of Kensington Market. Hidden in the little streets that so starkly contrast with Spadina and Dundas, you need to know where it is to be able to find it. The bicycle […]

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Niagara Falls, ON [IAG]

For the avid natural world wonder seeker, Niagara Falls is a must-see spot just a hop away from Toronto or Buffalo. It’s impressive, loud, and you can get pretty close to the powerful liquid forces aboard the famous Maid of the Mist, or even go behind the falls if you like, and all that Jazz. […]

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Toronto, ON [YYZ]

Toronto is the complete opposite of Montreal. It’s big, expansive, English, and crawling with Leafs’ fans that have finally seen their team make it to the playoffs. Well, the first round. The skyscrapers are higher than the ones back home. The supermarkets are bigger. The streets are wider. The Starbucks, more numerous. So where do […]

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