Tulum, Mexico [CUN]

If you need some hippy vibes/hipster cocktails/sun/R&R, Tulum is the place to be. It’s the perfect mid-bleakest-of-canadian-winters getaway. We rented a bike for a day and biked all the way to the ruins, which are worth a visit.  The other days were reserved for lazy beach going with evening spent indulging in food & bars like […]

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Ilha Grande, Brasil [GIG]

Ilha is a sort of hippy beach paradise where the humid air makes everything feels remote and mysterious. It feels undiscovered, like in a can’t-seem-to-locate-the-place-on-google-maps way. You can try that in a seperate tab if you like. Lagoa azul is a peaceful lagoon worth the visit where you can float around in the heat. Hike […]

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Railay, Thailand [KBV]

This is the kind of place where your ferry doesn’t dock and a longtail boat brings you to shore where you unload your bags onto to the sandy beach before sunset. Sunrise Tropical Resort supplied us with some tranquility in between lounging on Hat Phra Nang with some boat grub for lunch, and Hat Railay […]

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Miami, FL [MIA]

Notorious party strip possibly only less sinful that Sin City herself, South Beach is a place for sun, siesta and sundown madness. Its north-meets-sur laid back attitude combines with just enough glitz to keep you coming back in your 6 inch heels. At least I keep coming, anyway. And there is something for all sabors… […]

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Toronto, ON [YYZ]

Toronto is the complete opposite of Montreal. It’s big, expansive, English, and crawling with Leafs’ fans that have finally seen their team make it to the playoffs. Well, the first round. The skyscrapers are higher than the ones back home. The supermarkets are bigger. The streets are wider. The Starbucks, more numerous. So where do […]

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