São Paulo, Brazil [GRU]

SP is big and full of cement high-rises.  Our 24-hour stay only convinced us that there is loads more to discover underneath this intimidating façade. We had great sushi with Paulista friends as we stepped off the plane at Mori Sushi, where you can order all-you-can-eat-and-keep-eating-and-not-want-to-stop-its-so-good sushi. Our walk around Jardins led us onto Rua Oscar Freire, […]

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Ilha Grande, Brasil [GIG]

Ilha is a sort of hippy beach paradise where the humid air makes everything feels remote and mysterious. It feels undiscovered, like in a can’t-seem-to-locate-the-place-on-google-maps way. You can try that in a seperate tab if you like. Lagoa azul is a peaceful lagoon worth the visit where you can float around in the heat. Hike […]

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Iguaçu, Brazil [IGU]

Ever closer to being back in Brazil – here’s another #throwbacktrip in the meantime #tbt On our way from Buenos to Brazil, we decided this was a nature must we needed to witness. Call it a world wonder, a natural beauty, or a gimmicky tourist attraction, Iguaçu is definitely a pretty place, with a couple […]

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Salvador, Brazil [SSA]

#tbt #brazilseries If you happen to stopover here on your way to another bahian beauty it’s worth the exploring – with a disposable camera, after semi-panicked warnings from locals we met throughout the state. In retrospect, it gives our pictures a funky little glow. We didn’t feel it was worth the 3 day stay the […]

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Lençois, Brazil [SSA]

Its official, we’ll be back in Brazil in March! So hyped!  To keep you hooked here’s a #tbt #brazilseries from the state of Bahia. After an 8 hour bus ride we finally arrived in this cute gem of a town somewhere in the middle of Bahia.  Lençois is a cobble-stoned little cozy place most people pass […]

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [GIG]

Cidade Maravilhosa – is quite possibly the most accurate description of Rio de Janeiro, where the marvels manifest themselves at every turn of your head. Set in a surreal location, this gigantic hustle-bustle Brazilian epicentre is the perfect marriage between nature and urban sprawl, green and concrete and glitz and ghetto. There are islands that go […]

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Itacaré, Brazil [IOS]

#throwbacktrip #brazilseries kickoff Itacaré is a destination that comes to you by word-of-mouth, most likely from some long-term semi-learned backpacker you’ll cross in a hostel lobby over morning coffee. A remote Brazilian surf town where life is slow, days are run by the sun and the waves, and beach crabs roam the streets at night […]

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