Railay, Thailand [KBV]

This is the kind of place where your ferry doesn’t dock and a longtail boat brings you to shore where you unload your bags onto to the sandy beach before sunset. Sunrise Tropical Resort supplied us with some tranquility in between lounging on Hat Phra Nang with some boat grub for lunch, and Hat Railay […]

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Ko Phi Phi, Thailand [HKT]

Ko Phi Phi (pronounced Pee Pee) is a beautiful island in the Andaman Sea that is high on the list of things to see in Thailand. And people rarely flock to places that could be passed up. Take a boat from Phuket (if you time it perfectly, you’ll make the last one at 3:00 pm, […]

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Chiang Mai, Thailand [CNX]

Chiang Mai welcomed us with open arms. It was nice to get out of busy Bangkok, although traffic jams can be just as chaotic as in the capital. It’s a northern epicenter with loads to see and just the right mix of a chill, rural, easy going and fun loving crowd. Our stay at Sathu […]

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Bangkok, Thailand [BKK]

Bangkok is a trippy spot, where skyscrapers collide with market stalls and where a boat will get you places faster than a tuk tuk. If you get to come back a second time like I did, you’ll find it still full of surprises you hadn’t discovered the first time around. We stayed at Lamphu Tree […]

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