Moscow, Russia [VKO]

Our hiatus has brought us to a few spots we can’t wait to share with you — Cheers to summer!


After much anticipation, we had finally landed in Russia. I rapidly breezed over the cyrillic alphabet in transit, ready as ever to switch my Ns for Hs and my Ps for Pies. After passing customs with a thumbs up and a 2 hour traffic ridden drive towards downtown, we were settled in to our apartment on Noviy or New, Arbat.


I had no clear image of Moscow in my mind as I disembarked.  What did I expect? I don’t really know. But as we pulled in closer and closer to central Moscow, buildings grew, avenues became wider and old and new structures mixed together in a marriage of grandiosity and glamour.


The 24-hr opening hours of pretty much everything delighted us, croissants eaters and grocery shoppers of the night. Although, as at home, no alcohol is sold past 11pm.


Arbat, a pedestrian road with mostly souvenir shops and chain restos, surprised us as we managed to grab some authentic Azerbaijani food at non-tourist trap prices.


St-Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin and the Red Square are obvious must sees, as is Gum, Moscow’s oldest mall.


Try out your axe and knife throwing skills with the help of olympic champions at Club Labyrinth. Don’t forget the password.


The nightlife is begging to be discovered — dancing can be found not far from the Red Square, however nothing beats Gipsy, a revamped high-ceiling mega locker with a stage, multiple bars, both indoor and out and a DJ with some sick beats.  This gem is located in Moscow’s former chocolate factory, now a mishmash complex of galleries, shops and night buzz not to be missed.


Club Labyrinth, Kutuzovsky Avenue, 12с1, Moskva, Russia, 121248

Gum, Red Square, 3, Moskva, Russia, 101000

Gipsy, Bolotnaya nab., 3/4, с.2, Moskva, Russia, 119072

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