Aristocracy: Vogue Café [DME]

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Elegance, style and simplicity: three words that come to mind when walking into the Vogue Café, located near Moscow’s Bolshoi.


With thematic eggshell white walls, discrete black and red highlights and underlinings, the classic Haute Gamme fashion shots displayed on the walls and the even more classic Vogue XXX font on the menus, you know you’re in for an experience worthy of Anna Wintour.
Your experience will begin with a warm welcome, walking by the through the pastry-filled vitrines next to which you can find a variety of yachting magazine to help you feel right at home. You’ll be escorted to your table and offered a chair for your handbag or purse: the meaning of true service.
Not only does the cafe allow you to enjoy  Russian-inspired fine dining and a variety of cocktails, but it also allows you to indulge  in observing the fine specimens that find themselves flocking in glamour; from daughters of aristocrats, to men who could very well be models, the people-watching does not leave anything to be desired.
So next time you’re in Moscow and want to sit for a coffee or cocktail, we know you’ll enjoy the Vogue Cafe.
Vogue Café, ul. Kuznetskiy Most, 7/9, Moskva, Russia

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