Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [SDU]


And the tales from Rio continue. So on one of our nights we made our way to Centro and we stumbled upon Pedra do Sal where we pretended to know how to dance to live samba music. An incredible atmosphere where you get to throw back the best caipirinhas in town (we are not saying this lightly).

On Mondays and Fridays things start up around 7:00 pm, and you can sway to live Jazz and forro on other days of the week. All sassy and free. Sneak a peak here.

Santa Teresa

The Hills of Santa Teresa, where we stayed, offer a different view from the usual tourist path: beaches here give way to favelas at the horizon and the skyscrapers get traded in for cozy colourful colonial houses that cover the hill.


If the Bonde (Santa Teresa’s historical tram line) doesn’t run up and down the neighborhood since a tragic accident in August 2011, its spirit is omnipresent from Santa Teresa Convent to the famous Escadaria Selarón.






Bars and clubs abound in Rio’s nightlife neighbourhood, but the street food and outdoor parties satisfied our inner party animal. We’d recommend  stopping by Casa da Cachaça at any point of your evening to enjoy their flavoured cachaça (gengibre or mel flavoured are personal favourites).


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