Buenos Aires, Argentina [EZE]

Soon we’ll be heading to Brazil, and in the spirit of a very exciting countdown, we’ve decided to head back to South America just to give you a little taste of things to come! Enjoy this #throwbacktrip #tbt


One of the few places I’ve been to twice.

BA is a eclectic vibrant mix of things. Forward shops and eating spots invade neighbourhoods like Palermo Soho and Palermo Viejo.


Contrast this with the cobblestones and tango dancers of San Telmo, the grittier feel around the university campus, and the fascinating architecture around the Obelisk and by the waterfront, and you’ll have loads to explore during a week. Or 2nd week back.


Have fancy lunches in Palermo. A great spot is Mott (above).

Resist shopping until you drop close by. We were enchanted by their excellent leather goods, great shoes and great shoes.

Ar-Bl (92)

Grab a coffee at the oldest café in town, Café Tortoni.

Dinner never happened before 11 pm, so we always grabbed a snack empanada anywhere along the road. These little packets of heaven, which you can find in any snack bar on the continent, are delicious and come be veggie, cheese, or carnivore.

Ar-Bl (46)

And the night goes on and on all the way to the waterfront until breakfast with live music around 8 am.  Kick things off with a few (too many) cinzanos at Bar El Federal.

Ar-Bl (149)

Mott, El Salvador 4685, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

Café Tortoni, Avenida de Mayo 825, Buenos Aires

Bar El Federal, Carlos Calvo 599, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

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