Itacaré, Brazil [IOS]

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Itacaré is a destination that comes to you by word-of-mouth, most likely from some long-term semi-learned backpacker you’ll cross in a hostel lobby over morning coffee. A remote Brazilian surf town where life is slow, days are run by the sun and the waves, and beach crabs roam the streets at night just like you.

We booked 3 days. We stayed for 6. Our pousada was right near 1of 5 beaches in the city, and after a hearty complimentary breakfast we set out and got some sun on at Praia da Concha.

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Our stomachs brought us to the main street and we discovered the most amazing falafel spot outside the Middle East (and Cusco, Peru), Alamaim. The carefully pristine ambience they created had me pulling out my USB key for their soundtrack. Each plate every time was divine. On the same street, there are over a dozen other food options for when you are not feeling falafel.

Our nights were spent making friends with capoeiristas, barmaids, CD vendors, Swiss surfers, and cocktails of all kinds that kept us constantly coming back to the elaborate fresh fruit outdoor in front of Favela, the town’s after-hours hot spot. Caipirinhas & Caipiroskas of all fruit flavours, muito bom!

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Surfers will love Tiririca and Ribeira beaches, and wannabe surfers will search for an instructor.

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We took in the soothing sunset at Praia Resende more than once. It’ll carry you far, far away in your thoughts.

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And any beach party is never that far away.

Paradise legal.

Alamaim, Rua Pedro Longo nº377

Favela, Rua Pedro Longo, nº281

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